by Lucas Baumbach 

As a local GOP party apparatchik, why should you listen to my view on presidential politics and change your way of seeing things to match mine?  Because my view is more consistent than yours.


You wish you had candidates that were trustworthy (whose deeds match rhetoric).  Heck, mostly you just hope they have guts enough to give lip service to the free market instead of the usual nebulous declarations of “I care and I am your voice.”  You don’t really pay attention to what they do after you send them to Boise or DC.  As long as they don’t drink and drive too often, or get caught doing anything.  You might even allow your presidential candidate to be a little wishy washy, if he just throws you a bone.  And, that is all most politicians have trained themselves to do, throw you a severely gnawed bone.


Then you vote for the Republican slate on election day, because you are terrified of Democrats.  Hey, I’ve run for office.  Don’t lie to me.  I campaigned solidly for 6 months, knocked on 5,000 doors and I received the same percent of votes as the Republican who spent zero and did nothing.  That other candidate received votes from the people I worked hard to get, just because he was Republican.  I know how people vote on election day.  

The reality is that when push comes to shove you will give your vote to your party, whether the candidate deserves it or not.  You claim you want the good guy and then you vote for whom you’ve heard of or whom is on the Republican side.


If you live in a Democrat stronghold I can understand the inclination to lean toward a straight Republican ticket.  But, if you live in Idaho, your fears are unfounded.  Democrats have less than 20% of the seats in the Idaho legislature and zero congressional or executive offices.  No, the fight in Idaho is not between Democrat and Republican.  The real heart of Idaho policy is fought for by statist Republicans and liberty Republicans.  Democrats could win double the seats they currently have (a statistical impossibility) and they would still be irrelevant in the Idaho statehouse.  The only relevance the minority party has is that which is given to it by the media and voters who are voting on party impulse.  The real fight in the statehouse is between good and bad Republicans.  


The people you vote for should represent you.  If they wear a dress you don’t like or give you a strange feeling, don’t vote for them.  If they give you a good feeling, don’t vote for them.  Give yourself concrete reasons to vote for your candidates.  Call the candidate and do a phone interview.  Catch him in public and ask a couple important questions, without letting the candidate know where you stand.  If you do these simple things, then vote your conscience.  If not, write in your self.  Remember you’re picking a person who represents you,  it is okay to be picky.  You’ll always have regrets, but you can at least make sure you’re confident on election day.


This is going to be hard to swallow for most people.  But, the Democrat IS better than the RINO (Republican In Name Only).  Why is this?  What if the RINO is good on 70% of the issues and the Democrat is only 50% on the issues?  Isn’t that good enough to get your vote?  No, it’s not.  The legislative mechanism is determined by those in control of the majority party leaders.  By letting RINOs continue on in large numbers, you render ineffective those conservatives who manage to get elected.  The Speaker of the House has the power to set the entire legislative agenda and all committee chairmen, and he is elected by the majority party.  Don’t you think that it would be better to have only conservatives picking the top legislative power position?  Wouldn’t it be better to NOT have RINOs picking up the top spots?  Of course you see this!  It’s just that nobody explained it to you that way before.  


All of this can be summed up in the personal electoral mandate: Vote your Conscience.  Christians especially must recognize that they will be held accountable for their choices.  Jesus has saved us from eternal damnation, but God’s justice in this life has not ceased.  God will hold us accountable for everything.  Salvation is being saved from the ultimate penalty for our sins, eternal death.  But, you must understand that your sins will find you out.  Does that scare you straight?  It should.  And, you should be very afraid.  The beginning of knowledge is the fear of God.  You might want to care what He thinks of your choices.  Level with yourself and God.  Have you ever prayed about your electoral choices?  I didn’t think so.  


So, you want to vote for President of the USA?  Do ya?  Well, I have something to say about that as well.  First, God will hold you accountable.  Okay?  Next, don’t vote for the socialists.  They are all socialists.  The personal electoral mandate is: Vote your Conscience.  Can you bring yourself to vote for Lenin because he is not as evil as Stalin?  No, you can’t.  Let’s move on.  


As a high school student I learned that the president is often blamed or credited with moments in history, but it is very rarely ever the president that affects the course of history.  Sure FDR was a huge socialist, but he couldn’t do anything without the other branches, especially the Congress and Supreme Court.  That brings me to the Congress.  The Congress has all the power.  More specifically the House of Representatives, the peoples house, has all the power.  It has the power of the purse.  This means that not a single spending bill can pass without originating in the House.  What does that mean?  That means the people, who pay taxes, always did, even way back on day one of this country, have the power to stop tax and spend politicians.  No senator, no president can spend a dime without the consent of the people through their representatives.  That brings me to my last point. 


This is the last point, because no other point needs to be made about American electoral politics or strategy.  Control the House at the national level and you have the world in your hand.  Let me tell you something about the way the constitution was set up in our favor.  Every two years you get to vote the bums in the House of Representatives out.  And, every two years you blow it.  Congress keeps raising the debt ceiling and passing appropriation bills to the tune of multiple trillions of dollars.  That means it’s all your fault.  The end.  If you can’t get it right soon, the next generation may have to move to Switzerland or some other Republic that actually believes in economics, the free market, liberty and all that good stuff.


In my district Mike Simpson is the Republican candidate, for whom I will not be voting.  Mike Simpson is not only a RINO.  He wins by over 60% over and over again in the primary.  What is wrong with you people?  Every two years, you should be flushing the garbage from the House and electing people who will pull the purse strings and stop the outflow, hemorrhaging of dollars!  You don’t get it.  Are you a product of public schools?  It shows!  You didn’t even learn the fundamentals!  I want my money back!  And, you’re worried about the presidency?  You can’t even get the most important election right.  The purse strings are totally open!  Why should you be worried about voting for Senators and President?  People died to give you the right to vote responsibly.  Please, vote responsibly.  

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October 22, 2012 · 7:00 am

Property Tax Scam

Property Tax Scam

Deadline to appeal property taxes is June 25th by 5PM. Property values are down but the actual taxes are higher than ever. It is your duty to fight back and fighting back is easy. Just file an appeal with the county. Commissioners are actually sympathetic to property owners. It is the assessor that is not sympathetic.
Click here to go to the application

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June 25, 2012 · 4:30 pm

Give me Liberty not a citation for Failure to Obey

Six months ago I was cited for lapsed insurance, a fix it ticket.  I had insurance reissued the next day.  After moving and misplacing the citation, I knew it was probably overdue but figured I could pay it as soon as I found it, and at the very least that I would get some sort of reminder notice. Time flew quickly: I became engaged and got married in April.  The Sunday morning right after the wedding I was pulled over on Fairview and Orchard as we were heading out of town to our honeymoon.  My truck had a very attracting, “JUST MARRIED,” written across the back window in big red letters.  I asked why they were pulling me over and the officer stated that “you only used your turn signal for 3 seconds, not 5 seconds”, in a street void of any other traffic. Incidentally, we had noticed just a few minutes previous the same police car recklessly switching lanes without using his turn signal. While one of the officers harassed my new bride forcing her to show her ID and plying her for information about our travels, the other officer cited me for driving without a license.  I protested the validity of the citation.  How could I have a suspended license?  He said it might be because of my fix it ticket, although it usually takes three of those to trigger a license suspension.  He instructed me to just call DMV and check on it.  Of course, he forgot to give me a ticket for his bogus assertion that I had recklessly changed lanes without signaling for a full five seconds.

Having returned from my honeymoon, I paid my first ticket and was told that there was no record of my new citation showing in their system.  My wife even called to double check. If it was in their records, I would have paid it at the same time.  We were told to wait at least two weeks. Yesterday, my wife called again to check on the citation and was told that there was a warrant for my arrest for a failure to obey citation.  Today I paid a $525 bail for what started out as a $170 citation.  Our constitution says that punitive bail amounts are illegal. “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposted, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” (U.S. Constitution, 8th Amendment).

I still don’t have a court date, but I am supposed to go to the Clerk of the Court after June 28th to get on the list.  So much for swift justice.  I was told I would get a court date today.  So, I have been fined, harassed, had a valid license wrongly suspended, paid my ticket like any other law-abiding citizen, and still paid $500 bail for minding my own business in the land of the free handout.  The Biblical standard for government is to “punish evildoers and reward the good” (I Pet 2:14) allowing citizens to “live at peace” (Romans 12:18), but I guess our government’s new mission is to never allow us peace, and instead to harass the good and give handouts to the wicked?

This morning when I was at the Sheriff’s I asked the Deputy why they didn’t inform citizens of arrest warrants. She acted appalled and said they couldn’t possibly do that since there’s over 18,000 active arrest warrants in Ada County. That’s about 10% of the city’s population. Ada County certainly has a wonderful money-making racket going on.

In court I will be fighting to defend our freedom to move without ridiculous restrictions that make criminals out of all of us.  I will also be fighting to keep Idahoans from having their license suspended without due process and actual conviction.  What happened to innocent until proven guilty?  I’ll put myself on the line for the freedom of others.  But, who thinks that any man can fight alone?  Even King David had his thirty warriors.  I encourage the courageous to find their voice.  If we don’t speak out, these things will not change.

“…it is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty?”

“Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace– but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

- Patrick Henry, excerpted from his “Give Me Liberty, or Give me Death” speech.

On a personal note to all my friends and family, I am not in jail.  The media is reporting that I was arrested, but I was not in jail and I am fine.  I simply went in to pay a $500 refundable bond and try to get a court date.  I have been to the jail before to visit people there.  I encourage everyone to visit those in jail and prison whenever possible.  Paul and Peter were imprisoned wrongfully.  Jesus was executed on trumped-up charges.  One of the best ways to explain sin and salvation to a non-believer is this parallel.  We all deserve to be in prison, but Jesus paid our bail.  Praise God!


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Lucas Baumbach’s picks are all

pro-life, pro-gun, against special

interests, honor their oath to the

constitution and profess repealing

taxes to low levels.


Raul Labrador (District 1)

M.C. Chick Heileson (District 2)


Pam Stout (District 1)

Phil Hart (District 2)

John Blattler (District 8)

Judy Boyle (District 9)

Mark Patterson (District 15)

Patrick Malloy (District 20)

Chris MacCloud (District 20)

Lori Shewmaker (District 21)


Danielle Ahrens (District 1)

Steve Vick (District 2)

Gresham Bouma (District 5)

Sheryl Nuxoll (District 7)

Monty Pearce (District 9)

Kent Marmon (District 10)

Maurice Clements (District 11)

Hubert Osborne (District 12)

Thomas Bullock (District 17)

Brian Schad (District 33)


Steve Halvorsen


Curtis Cattau


Lucas likes the candidates on the red

anti-Obama card.  Ignore the fraudulent

precinct postcard sent by the Romney campaign.

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Interview with Phil Hart: Timber Controversy

The following interview took place in March 2012, between Lucas Baumbach and Idaho State Representative Phil Hart, an engineer with an MBA from UPenn’s Wharton Business School.

Interviewer: What is the most important point that people don’t understand about your timber case?

Phil Hart: That before any logging occurred, I researched the law to make sure it was legal. I had been told by a timber landowner that one could take timber for their own personal use off of state land. And, at that point there had never been a court case, where someone had gone to court for taking live trees off state land for personal use.

Interviewer: Have you had anyone call you a thief to your face?
Phil Hart: No.

Interviewer: What do people say to you?

Phil Hart: Nobody has addressed the issue to me directly. I hear things second hand. At least from those who are concerned about it. And, it doesn’t seem to cross people’s mind that when this was in court it was civil case not criminal. As a civil case, I could have settled out of court, keeping my court record clear. But, I fought it, because I thought I was right. The prosecutor didn’t charge me, and said to my attorney, “I think Hart is right, and I am not going to touch this case with a ten-foot pole.”

Interviewer: In short what does the code say?

Phil Hart: Several places in the Idaho Code it exempts from regulation people who take timber for their own personal use. It further says that when you do that you do not have to notify the state.

Interviewer: By personal use, could it mean just firewood not live trees?

Phil Hart: No, the state has a permit process for firewood, which is delineated in its regulations. However, several places in the Idaho Code refers to taking live trees for one’s personal use.

Interviewer: So, according to your research any Idahoan can legally harvest trees, as long as he’s not doing so for resale?

Phil Hart: You can’t use the word “harvest”, because that word is defined specifically referring to forest products as a commercial use of timber. For personal use you would call it “taking of trees,” not harvesting. I believe any Idahoan can do this, but the court ruled differently in my civil case. And, in all of Idaho history, including the surrounding states, my court case was the first to litigate this set of facts. When a court hears a new type of case for the first time, there should never be an award of attorney fees to either party.

Interviewer: How was your lawsuit initiated?

Phil Hart: In 1996 the Department of Lands sent me a letter demanding I pay triple the value of the logs, because I did not get a permit, or sign a contract to take the logs. My attorney wrote back and offered that I would pay their demand, if they would produce a sample copy of the permit or contract that they had referred to in their letter. They never produced the permit or contract, nor does any such permit or contract exist or was ever authorized by any statute or regulation.

Interviewer: Did the court award attorney fees in your case?

Phil Hart: Yes, the court said my case had no foundation and was “frivolous.” But,the state changed the regulations that I relied on, after my court case was over. Why did the regulations change, if my case had no foundation?

Interviewer: Why do you think the code says you can take trees without notification?

Phil Hart: Because taking trees off state land was a common practice among Idahoans from the beginning of the State’s history. A retired logger I know signed an affidavit for my case stating that this was common practice during his years as a logger and that he knew many
people in his community that did exactly that, including himself.

Interviewer: Is it true that you tried to buy timber from a landowner, who told you to get free timber off state land?

Phil Hart: Yeah, that’s what happened. And, he talked himself out of a sale. If he hadn’t told me that, I would have bought his trees from him.

Interviewer: Can you tell me names of community leaders that have told you they were surprised you couldn’t do this? If so, how many and what did they tell you?

Phil Hart: I am not going to name names, just like I didn’t turn over the names of those who bought my book, Constitutional Income. In fact, I didn’t actually cut the trees down, one of the guys who helped build the house did. And I never gave up his name either. But, just a couple days ago a leader came up to me, and told me he knew it was okay because everyone did it in his area. His opinion was that the media is just using the issue to beat me up. Another official told me he had a close friend that built an entire house recently using logs from state land. That person was sure it was entirely legal. Another public official said that 25 years ago he was going to take trees off of state land for building a home for himself, but bought a house instead. He too thought it was completely legal.

Interviewer: How did the ethics panel punish you for legally taking trees off state land?

Phil Hart: The process was media driven. The ethics panel didn’t find any probable cause, but felt pressured to do something. They never determined that I abused my legislative duties, because the trees were cut down in 1996. My first session in the legislature was 2005.

Interviewer: Would you do it again?

Phil Hart: This is not a hill I want to die on. In 2005 a friend of mine, after being told he couldn’t do it, found the law and forced the forest service to give him a $50 permit so he could cut trees for his home. He and a forest service employee marked the trees together, then he took them. Like him I asked, in 1995, the forest service whether they permitted cutting trees for personal use on forest service lands, and they said, “We used to do that, but we don’t do that anymore.” In hindsight, I now know that was a lie. The law allowing this has been on the books since 1897, and will remain on the books until repealed by Congress.

Interviewer: Any final thoughts?

Phil Hart: These issues are a little complex. But, the media operates at a sound byte level. It takes a little homework to understand the issue. It requires reading the code. The definition of “harvesting,” which excludes the personal use of timber, is
important. And, the regulations actually state in black and white that one does not need to notify the state, when they are taking trees for their personal use. The Idaho Code also states that its purpose is to harmonize and make uniform state, federal and local laws. “Harmonize” means to standardize everything, and the United State’s Code states that one may use timber off of Forest Service land free of charge for their own personal use.

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Idaho Congressman Hansen’s Story



W A R N I N G!

Please gather your kids around and teach them the truth… better that they learn some realities sooner than later when it may well be too late. However, I have included some rather sickening photos of the abuses which Hansen suffered at the hands of the state. Parents may wish to shield particularly sensitive young eyes from these graphics.

This story is not fiction — every word is true. The odds are that most of you have never heard of George Hansen. The people responsible for persecuting him pretty well control what you read, hear and see in the major media. Former Congressman Hansen is not some raving paranoid seeking a platform for some conspiracy theory of the week. Nope. George Hansen belongs to a much rarer breed — an honest and outspoken politician. He paid the price when he was made a political prisoner in his own country, the good ole U. S. of A.

As you read his story, you will begin to understand why some reporter once asked him why they didn’t just kill him while they had him in custody. He didn’t know the answer to that. Actually the reason why “they” would be reluctant to do so is obvious: George Hansen has MANY friends among the “little people” he has championed during his adult life. It was, after all, his efforts to help them that led to his persecution in the first place. There are MANY of those “little people” (a term George would never use, by the way) in the prison system and killing George there might have created more problems than they cared to deal with. They probably hoped the after-effects of their “diesel therapy” would do the job for them. While it came close, George is on the mend.

It is probably clear to my regular readers that I feel that many of us have lost our capacity for outrage at injustice. The insane horror of the AIDS story, the steady erosion of our most basic human rights and freedoms, the outrageous manipulation and control of our major media… the incessant drumbeat of injustices have literally numbed many of us to the point where meaningful outrage is muted or fails to materialize at all. For many, only a personal ox goring becomes an attention-getting event. Just look around the Province of Ontario these days as the Harris gang of fanatics merrily divides and conquers… I made it a point to ask the striking teachers and those attempting to save Hotel Dieu Hospital where they were when that totalitarian band of criminals in Queen’s Park were pounding the helpless recipients of social services. Predictably, most whom I confronted merely began glancing around looking for security or a cop. If it were not so sad it would be hilarious.

Please read this true story. And remember that what you read here is just the tip of a very large, very dangerous iceberg. There is MUCH more.

There is something almost eerie about the complete lack of bitterness in his presentation. This is a man rooted in and drawing strength from a true Christian faith. George Hansen is a hero and a statesman.

“…and accordingly all experience hath shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.” — from the U.S. Declaration of Independence

When you are through reading this story, ask yourself if you have what it takes to stand up and tell our corrupt leaders or their “politically correct” patsies that we are working to take back our country. Ask yourself if it is right for our Prime Minister to illegally assault peacefully protesters and then joke about it! Ask yourself if you believe the prison system ought to be reformed and the inhumane practices such as those described herein (yes — we do it here in this country too) should be halted. And while you are at it, ask yourself if you are prepared, given the current “politically correct” climate in our country, to be labeled a “troublemaker” or worse — there MAY be a seat on one of those busses with YOUR name on it. Then ask yourself if it really is safer to bury your head in the sand and do nothing.

The saddest words in any language are “If only…” and “Why, THAT can’t happen HERE!”

Wanna bet?

* * * * * * *
Annotated reprint of RMS News Agency Report
Vol.2 #1, January. 1997 with permission
* * * * * * *

The Government Wrongfully Drove GEORGE HANSEN, A 7-Term Veteran Lawmaker, Out of Congress, Sent Him to Prison and Destroyed Him and His Family Financially! It took ten long years, but the U.S.Supreme Court now confirms that federal prosecution of Congressman George Hansen SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED!

That high court decision is now a year and a half old, and this 66 year-old embattled veteran congressman still awaits action by his old colleagues to clear the record and provide him urgent and reasonable compensation for this great injustice.


Former Representative George Hansen always said he was wrongly prosecuted for lying on his financial disclosure forms. Twelve long years later, he turns out to have been right.

Congressman George Hansen was a seven term congressman from Idaho at the time of his prosecution. Ex-Representative Richard Stallings, the Democrat who defeated Hansen in 1984, said the conviction was the key. “George could have had the 2nd district as long as he wanted. If he hadn’t gotten in trouble, he’d probably be the Chairman of the Banking Committee.”

Hansen would be in his 14th term now. “If you want to play “What if” games, there would have been a lot of things… chairmanships, leaderships…” Hansen said, “But I just don’t look back.”

Hansen’s 1984 conviction cost him his bid for an eighth term in 1984 — by a mere 170 votes. It also brought incarceration in a federal prison and a $40,000 fine. In December of 1995, the conviction was vacated by the trial judge in Washington D.C. [ED: Who then took 5 months to release him!]

Hansen got back his $40,000, but wants a Lot more. He’s asking the House to withdraw its reprimand and pay him for legal fees and lost wages. “I feel like the guy On Boot Hill with the tombstone that says. “Hanged by Mistake,” Hansen said.

Congressman Hansen was one of the first members of Congress to point a finger at the IRS. In the late 70s he wrote a book called “To Harass Our People”. He was the first to get a full scale investigation into the crimes of the IRS against the American people. His outrage over what he discovered caused him to write and help pass the “Taxpayers Bill of Rights.” Without George Hansen, the IRS would be the American equal to the Gestapo by now.

George Hansen was also the first member of congress to introduce the idea of the flat tax. Hansen clearly saw the unfairness of the current tax laws and was trying to correct them for the good of all Americans, not just the rich elite. When he went to prison, his love of his fellow man and his reputation for trying to help Americans allowed him to live among the prison population with no fear of the prisoners.

The harassment and torture that befell Congressman Hansen came from prison officials, in the form of neglect for serious medical problems and health hazards in the prison work place. The torture also came from the Federal Marshals who cruelly transported him from one prison to another.

Political prisoners and those who are considered trouble makers are given what prisoners call, “diesel therapy”. “Diesel therapy” consists of being put on diesel busses or airplanes and being transported from prison to prison for weeks and months at a time. On the surface it sounds benign. What could be the problem with making a prisoner ride in a bus for hours at a time?


Before the prisoner is put on the bus, he is put in handcuffs and shackles (leg irons). The handcuffs are tightened by a black box that stiffens the chains and puts the wrists in a 90 degree bind that painfully cuts circulation and damages the nerves. It takes several weeks for the circulation and nerves to return to normal. The handcuffs are connected with chains to a waist chain, which is in turn connected by another chain to the shackles which go around the ankles The prisoner can barely move once the shackling process is complete.

He is then placed in a small seat on a bus or airplane. [ED: George Hansen is a BIG man, standing well over 6′-3″ and — before his ordeal — tipping the scales at well over 220 pounds.] Because of the shackles, the prisoner is forced to sit in one position for up to 20 hours at a time. And the guards will rarely go to the trouble of unshackling a prisoner. Prisoners who understand “diesel therapy” know that “fasting” is the only way to handle the ordeal without messing or wetting yourself.

But even those who are smart enough to abstain from food and drink, still have to suffer the stench of urine and feces which soon fills the bus or plane.

One other painful aspect of diesel therapy is the shoes that prisoners are forced to wear. They become too small. The cramped position and tight shackles cause the feet and ankles to swell. The shackles cut into the legs and cut off circulation. The blood pools in the feet and causes the feet to swell. The toes are forced up against the tops of the too small shoes, and unbelievable pressure is put on the toenails. The toenails soon become deformed, infected and painful.

Each day the metal shackles are put back onto raw and infected legs before the prisoner boards the bus. After weeks and months of diesel therapy, the ankles and shins have raw, infected and open wounds that will not heal.

Hour after hour, the prisoner sits in a cramped & painful position, with shackles cutting into already infected, raw flesh. Arthritis and bursitis compound the misery of the prisoners. The ingrown, infected toenails, which are jammed inside of purposely small shoes, cripple the prisoner to the point that he can barely walk or move when he is finally released from the shackles.

During the weeks and months of diesel therapy, the prisoner is out of contact with the rest of the world. In the case of Congressman Hansen, his wife did not know if he was dead or alive. His lawyer could not find him and therefore could not file court papers on time. Even the members of congress who were still trying to help him, could not locate him. During his diesel therapy” he disappeared into the black hole dug and run by the United States Marshals.

After “diesel therapy”, Hansen was forced to operate on his feet himself. His toenails were so deformed that they pointed straight up. He could not wear shoes without excruciating pain. The only remedy that was open to him was to pull the toenails out by the roots. Our prisoners of war in SE Asia had their fingernails and toenails pulled out by their torturers. Congressman Hansen had to become his own torturer in an effort to stop the pain.

Several weeks ago, Congressman Hansen was testifying before his former colleagues in the House of Representatives. He told the story of his trip into Iran during the Iran hostage crisis in 1979. He was the only United States official to get into Iran to try to negotiate an end to the crisis.

While he was there, he was shown the horrible human suffering that was inflicted upon the Iranian people by the Shah of Iran and his secret police.

He told his former colleagues about the horrors of the Shah’s torture chambers. Ankles that had been smashed by heavy clubs. Legs that had been smashed and permanently scarred. Hands and feet that had no nails because they were repeatedly pulled out.

Then he stood up and walked around in front of his table. Leaning lightly on the table, he pulled up his pant leg and showed his former colleagues the raw, red scars on his own legs — scars that stretched many inches, from his ankles up his shin bones.

He told his former colleagues about his toenails, which have never grown back properly. He ended his “show and tell” session by informing the House that they did not have to travel to foreign countries to witness torture. All they had to do is visit any American prison and they would quickly find the effects of purposeful abuse and neglect on certain prisoners.

If his former colleagues have any sense, they will quickly reform the prison system, before any more of them end up there.

The scars on his legs and the lack of toenails were minor problems for Hansen. The major pain came from his teeth and deteriorating bones. These problems came from hazardous chemicals he was forced to work around during his job assignment in the prison power plant. The chemicals caused his bones to weaken and his teeth to become infected and turn to mush. The pain’ of abscessed teeth was unbearable. To be able to function each day, without even an aspirin to dull the pain, he picked up a plastic cap used to splice electric wires. He placed the cap in the infected area and bit down on it all day and night.

During his four years in prison, he lost most of his teeth through willful neglect on the part of the prison officials.

Hansen was forced to sell his homes in Virginia and Idaho. Everything he and his wife had accumulated during years of hard work went to lawyers or to pay the fine. Even though his retirement was not supposed to be touched, through some nefarious deal, it was tapped to pay fines, thereby denying his wife the means to live. She was approaching sixty, had a heart condition and diabetes, but she was put out of her home and didn’t even have the money to rent an apartment. With the help of their children and a job, she just barely made ends meet until Hansen was released.

They are now in their 60s and they are starting over with nothing. He still has health problems associated with prison life, and still needs further dental work. He drives a leased Honda and lives with his wife in a rented apartment in Pocatello, Idaho. Thankfully, his federal pension has been restored.

“They almost made us homeless, but when this is all over, it will all be erased.” Hansen is an optimist who is now awaiting the action by his old colleagues which will clear the record and provide him urgent and reasonable compensation for this great injustice.


While in Washington, Hansen presented Congress with a medical statement part of which is excerpted below:

“Upon my release from federal custody on March 8, 1996, I have spent the past 24 weeks in an intense effort to seek the medical and dental relief so long denied me by the federal government. This was not easy because so many serious problems had developed during the three years I had been held in medical limbo that it was not a simple thing to develop and coordinate the many necessary treatments all begging for early attention.

“There was also the problem of limitations in my insurance coverage and having the necessary funds available to meet the abnormal demands my emergency medical and dental needs presented. A quick professional evaluation showed the dental requirements alone to be largely uncovered by insurance with costs estimated at $10,000 and perhaps much more.

“People could hardly believe what they saw in the examination of my condition. I could only explain that I am a victim of the government game of ‘select and neglect.'” People are told that you are being assigned to an easy ‘white-collar’ institution: But the real truth is that you can then be selectively assigned to hazardous jobs and conditions with no protection, or be selectively sent on extended bus and airplane trips in chains with hardened and dangerous criminals where you remain harshly bound hand and foot, for 18 to 20 hours a day in the most cramped and confining circumstances — a treatment called ‘diesel therapy.’ Blood circulation and pinched nerves never quite recover from this as my current health situation will attest.

It is this selective treatment that seriously undermines your health to begin with. Then you get the second phase which is the neglect treatment, where you are denied or cleverly discouraged from obtaining needed medical and dental relief — a very painful time when you are dealing with painful abscesses and infection, severe swellings, open sores and even more serious matters involving internal organs. Having most of my perfectly good teeth rapidly deteriorate to shattered remnants broken off at the gum line or in painful splintered condition can only prompt your imagination as to the pain involved — without relief — and that was only the dental part of the problem.

“This is the “Gulag” or political prisoner operation that goes on in federal prisons (and others), where former public officials and law enforcement officers often find themselves singled out for that “select and neglect” process. The federal prosecutor in my own case, (now overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court) Reid Weingarten, has publicly verified this kind of treatment in federal prison. Mr. Weingarten, who conducted the improper prosecution against me, is now a criminal attorney defending a former FBI official who was an investigator of public corruption and served as FBI liaison to the White House. The Washington Post of Sunday, July 28, 1996, in a feature article Weingarten ‘a star federal prosecutor’ and quotes his concern for his client who served a 12 month sentence in federal prison.

Weingarten said:

`It was leaked to guards that (my client) had been FBI. He was confronted constantly by guards who took him for a spy and by any inmate with a generic grudge against law enforcement. He came back a shell of himself…he was crushed and deliberately.’

“I was in prison four times as long as Weingarten’s client and I didn’t allow myself to become a ‘shell.’ However, I did suffer the same kind of abusive treatment which tore me up physically and which I am now struggling to repair and deal with.

“My medical and dental condition has become a scandal to many leaders of Congress in Washington, both House and Senate, who have asked me to present my ‘souvenirs’ in line with legislative and oversight responsibilities.

This has been done twice… During these ‘show and tell’ visits, I have wryly joked with these Congressmen about my visit to Iran in 1979 where I was taken through the torture chambers of the Shah’s main prison and shown where shins were broken, teeth smashed and nails pulled. Never did I dream that I would later have shins, teeth and nails to match from being wrongfully sent to prison in the United States of America.”

Upon his return to Pocatello from Washington, D.C. he wrote a letter to his former colleagues, giving them a further medical update:

“To capsulize, I’ve been and continue to be involved with oral surgery, root canals and periodontal repair involving sixteen different doctors; and concurrently I have been and continue to be in the care of medical specialists of all sorts for serious infection in the legs, feet, body organs, chest and shoulder muscles. The diagnoses have included inflammatory bursitis, serious neural damage, E.Coli, troubling irregularities of bodily functions, severe and permanent debilitating stasis, dermatitis of the legs, and severe toe disorders, secondary pedal edema accompanied by painful fungus infection (secondary to being shackled with legs in a dependent position for long periods of time and from confinement).

“Obviously, this has necessitated the use of heavy dosages of medication to relieve the inflammation, control E. Coil and fungus and dental infections. and to alleviate pain. This has largely prevented me from doing any real or sustained work, except unavoidable maintenance tasks. I am hopeful that this intensive treatment and continuing recuperation will allow me to increasingly get back to full and normal productivity at a reasonably early time. Hopefully, this information will be useful to you.”


While continuing to recuperate, former Congressman Hansen is busy trying to awaken his former colleagues to the corruption which is now rampant in our government. RMNews reprints this confidential letter without revealing to whom it was written and faxed on January 7, 1997:

“…I have discussed the matter of providing you with the basic information on the genesis of the Ron Brown (Department of Commerce) corruption process (worldwide), beginning with Viet Nam, spreading like cancer to other nations wholesale, and exploding with the Lippo Bank (Taiwan, etc.).

[ED: Just as Rep. Ron Brown was about to blow the whistle on the Clinton government, he was killed in a mysterious plane crash… or so the government said, until an autopsy showed that he had apparently been first shot in the head. This is one reason why Congress is so afraid to actually do anything significant to clean up government. It also accounts for the confidentiality of this letter. As George Hansen well knows, the shadowy power players behind the scenes are dangerous psychopaths. ]

You indicated this could be most helpful, so I talked to the former high political official mentioned, and he is most willing to help give you a confidential start — this could involve more than one knowledgeable individual.

“…with regard to our discussion on the delicate but provable fact that the CIA is keeping two sets of books to deceive Congress and maintain a very dangerous and dirty operation, I am prepared to back up this charge with reliable evidence and experts from the DEA, DIA, CIA, and Department of Justice — and also establish the surprising extent to which the CIA (and affiliates) is saturating the street corners and school yards of America. [ED: with drugs] It’s dangerous to challenge these people (provable) and a reluctance exists on the part of legislative committees because of many ‘staff technicians’ maintaining allegiance and rapport with the agencies from which they were recruited. This seems to be a matter for the independent consideration of your committee which enjoys no conflict of interest, and the courage of a fearless Chairman. Certain other Members of Congress are in position to be helpful in this (both parties). Hopefully, this can be discussed meaningfully soon (while the best proof remains current and available).”


The following confidential document generated from the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee on the same day that Congressman Hansen faxed the preceding letter, January 7, 1997:

“This Committee on Government Reform and Oversight reorganizes today in the face of awesome and unusual challenges for which we are particularly prepared to effectively deal with, and for which there is little tolerance among cynical and frustrated citizens for lack of action.

“Politics as usual and scandalous government corruption have created great alarm and distrust of public agencies and officials, particularly at the federal level where we have jurisdiction and responsibility.

“The last half of this century has seen our government repeatedly and increasingly engage in acts of violence and abuse against its own citizens and then lie, manipulate and coverup to avoid detection and responsibility.

Key enforcement agencies of the Justice Department, including the FBI, as well as the CIA and IRS are wallowing in scandal and citizen abuse — often sensationally fatal.

“This blatant corruption and failure of government operations is clearly widespread and goes to the highest levels regardless of politics while partisan fingers point at others and reform lays in gridlock. Congress has an especially difficult problem in instituting real reform because the legislative committees generally staff heavily from ‘the technicians’ in the agencies they oversee, (RMSnews translation: In other words, the CIA etc, place their own people on legislative committees to insure nothing is done which would harm the CIA, IRS, etc.) and a cocoon of self-serving protectiveness develops to retard objective oversight. This is why this Committee is ideally suited to become the real Legislative ombudsman to a frustrated and cynical public desperate for reform and relief — we do not have that built-in conflict of interest.

“Obviously this Committee does not have the resources to deal with the mass of legitimate complaints that could be pressed upon us, but we can aggressively pursue issues on a worst-first basis while providing an interested ear to citizens hopeful of germinating a case upon proper presentation of evidence. And it’s only fair that our efforts be as even-handed and bi-partisan as possible.

“There is no question that cynical citizens want answers to such current questions as campaign finances and the influence of foreign funds on elections and government operations. We plan to deal with this immediately.

But somewhere along the line, it might be appropriate to find out why we’ve had fifty years of uninterrupted Presidential deception from the U-2, through Cuba and Gulf of Tonkin and Watergate, to Iran-Contra, and the current reported cover-ups. Also, Presidents continue to feel they can use federal enforcement agencies as their personal pit bulls. Why? No doubt, victims of the holocaust would like to know why this government sat on this issue throughout WWII; and the victims of our government secret chemical and nuclear tests on citizens deserve honest answers and just compensation. This committee does indeed face awesome and unusual challenges. May we rise to the success the public prays for. Confidential”

If the Government Reform and Oversight Committee follows through on this letter, maybe there is hope for America. This letter is the brightest hope out of Washington in decades.

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Freedom Exchanges

Freedom Exchanges
by Lucas Baumbach

Healthcare exchanges are a major topic of legislative discussion in 2012. Butch Otter of Idaho accepted millions of dollars from Obamacare to fund their development. Otter’s rationale for taking the money: exchanges are a government concept whose time has come, even if Obama invented the idea.

Exchanges, it turns out, ARE a great idea. Sadly, Obama thought of them before I did. The greatest benefit of the healthcare exchange is not the exchange. The last thing we need is another government bureaucracy to manage another aspect of our lives. The benefit is the question itself: when would it be appropriate for government to exchange things? One example jumps out in front. Government should be self-sacrificing and exchange bureaucratic largesse for freedom. Freedom (Liberty) is the goal. It fosters efficiency and progress. And, a free man gets to keep the product of his labor, or freely exchange it for money! What a motivator would be a freedom exchange!

Setting up a freedom exchange will take a lot of volunteers. But, it will not require a single taxpayer dollar. Everyone can opt in or opt out. It’s that easy. Liberty lovers will opt in and slave-minded folks will not. Later on, states can offer big programs to test the resolve of the liberty folks, and they may again opt for the slavery of public debt, if they aren’t careful.

Exchanges should always involve trading up for a better value. Public debt would be traded for freedom from debt. The aim is prosperity. Social Security is one of these public debts. This thirty-year-old wants a retirement income, when I retire in 2040. But, my grandparents and parents cheated the country’s future. Even if SS was completely solvent (which it isn’t), I could double my return on investment through private retirement decisions. That’s freedom to prosper!

Medicare would be the next government debt to exchange for medical liberty. 46% of US births are paid for by government Medicare. As customer #1 the government is writing the rules for healthcare; the sad result is less health liberty and fewer options.
Medicare is in debt on many levels. First it is indebted to doctors. They don’t get paid for their services. Medicaid approved doctors are cheated out of 25% of their services by legislated reduction in reimbursements. It just doesn’t pay, unless they rush patients through, like cattle. It is institutionalized malpractice.
Prices also have to go up so doctors can stay in business (or at least pay their student debts). The cost to quality is dire: the doctor gives me 25% less service, just because I’m on government healthcare. 25% less service results in 25% less lifespan, if not 100% less lifespan. Freedom to survive illness would be the exchange. That’s my preferred option, but I am called an extremist.
Of course, as a good politician, I am told to preserve this inferior health program for the legions of statist seniors. Why not? They didn’t care enough about my future to preserve a superior free market. Why should I want to do them a good turn by giving them a free system?

The debt of income tax is an assault on individual liberty. Freedom exchange would allow you to keep more of the money you worked for and own. But, today, the government says you are in debt. By default you owe a portion of your labor. That is the definition of slavery. If freedom doesn’t include owning the fruit of one’s labor, what does it include?
Even Marxist materialists acknowledge that alienation from one’s own labor is an a priori issue. On the other hand, Christians shouldn’t find this hard to swallow. Tax-free income is a God-given right. Labor is property. Each individual owns his labor and the product of his labor. Not even God taxes income. Tithes are to be freely given not mandated. Increasing freedom requires eliminating the tax that comes out of the wage earner’s paycheck. The Bible says to pay the wage-earner in a timely fashion, lest he curse the master for not paying in a timely fashion. Millions of Americans are cursing their government. Income tax is a wedge between the people and their government that must go.

Exchange unemployment tax for freedom. Unemployment tax is really employment tax. Does it really make sense to punish a business for employing a man? This doesn’t show up on your pay stubs, like the first three taxes mentioned here, but it is an income-related tax. This tax is a percentage of your paycheck paid by your employer; it is money he could have given you a raise with. Instead it goes to Washington DC. Consumers of products pick up the cost of this in the inflated cost of goods that a company makes. Unemployment (ie employment tax) is a perfect example of how government taxes anything that moves, coming and going. If they could, they would institute a pre-employment tax, or a post-employment tax. Maybe even an employment interview tax. Why not? The obvious exchange here is an exchange of government-owned labor for individual-owned labor. And, this one is a liability to business.

Exchange worker’s compensation tax for freedom. Workers compensation is required by law. This is the original catastrophic health insurance. If you get injured at work, your injury-related costs are paid by worker’s compensation. First, it increases workplace carelessness. Employees that don’t worry about consequences are accident prone. The insurance is paid by the employer 100%, so it is hidden. The employee doesn’t even have skin in the game, no pun intended. Allegedly this tax keeps the burden of injured employees off society. That would be true, if it weren’t mandated upon every employer and raising the cost of goods. Again exchanging a government mandate for individual responsibility (FREEDOM), would be a great idea.

Exchange public schools for homeschooling: You can exchange education taxes that you don’t use for freedom! Yes, you can! Just stop paying property taxes, and support reforms to protect property from tax foreclosures. They are teaching your child about homosexual marriage and how to have en-condomed, pre-marital sex. Do you support that? It is the right and responsibility of every parent to feed and educate their own children. Foisting child husbandry on government is not the wisest use of your tax dollars. Does government feed and care for our domestic pets? No! Maybe we should give our children the same respect and freedom we give to Fido. Government-free education.

Exchange registration (the insurance mandate and licensure of motor vehicles) for the freedom to move and transport in any fashion. It is pure inequality to require motor vehicle registration and not horse and carriage registration. Why doesn’t government demand bicycle registration, canoe registration, and snow-shoe registration? Does the use of a motor really require a government tax? The government rule is, “If it moves, tax it.” Make registration voluntary. And, if you neighbor doesn’t get his skateboard registered, then you shun him. Or, just let communities track themselves.

Federal tyranny: most people haven’t heard of this. That’s because the federal government is so kind. The federal government follows the limits of the constitution, and it never, ever interprets two little clauses to indefinitely expands its own power.

But, if this ever ceases to be the case states can exchange federal tyranny for freedom. A synonym of freedom in this case is state sovereignty. The federation is made of many sovereign nation states, just as described by Alexis de Tocqueville. The concept that primacy rests in the 25 square mile swamp in Maryland is silly. The politicians of the individual sovereign states are problematic enough without giving them the excuse continually that they are just following orders from DC. It is the Nuremberg trial syndrome every day in each of the 50 state capitols. Freedom from federal distractions is a must. We can then focus all of our dissatisfaction on our local politicians. I know they will love that.

The free marketplace of goods is rivaled only by the free marketplace of ideas. Exchanging bad ideas for good ideas is good. Exchanging socialism for self-governance is good. The idea that government can do most everything in a productive and beneficial way is bad. So, by all means exchange, but do not exchange liberty for slavery. Exchange debt (slavery) for liberty!

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GUEST COLUMN: Forest Practices Act by Rep Hart

Private use of Public Timber by Representative Phil Hart

In 1995 I contracted with a private landowner to purchase a quantity of logs to build a house. When it came time to deliver, he could not fill the entire order. Due to springtime load limits, several other landowners were prevented from providing such logs, as they were unable to access their property with heavy equipment.

After calling nearly everyone within 50 miles, I finally talked to a landowner who had the logs I needed. But he literally talked himself out of a sale by informing me, “I would feel guilty if I didn’t tell you that since you’re using the logs personally, you can take them off of state land. My dad and I did it when we built his house. He had studied the law and ran it by our legislator who verified this was lawful.”

I then studied the law and came to the same conclusion. Meanwhile I talked to an elderly logger who also told me this was common practice in Idaho when he was logging. This man submitted an affidavit to that effect when I went to court over the issue.

Here is what I discovered first in the federal law:

“The Secretary of Agriculture may permit, under regulations to be prescribed by him, the use of timber and stone found upon national forests, free of charge, by bona fide settlers, miners, residents, and prospectors for minerals, for firewood, fencing, buildings, mining, prospecting, and other domestic purposes….” (emphasis added) 16 U.S.C. 477.

That federal statute has been on the books since 1905. Fast forward to 1975 and we find at Title 38, Chapter 13, Section 1302, of the Idaho Code the Idaho Forest Practices Act, which states its purpose in part: “To encourage uniform forest practices implementing the policy of this chapter, and to provide a mechanism for harmonizing… laws and rules relating to federal, state and private forest land….” We also find at section 1303 under “Definitions” that “Forest practice” means (a) the harvesting of forest tree species….” “Harvesting” is defined to mean “a commercial activity related to the cutting or removal of forest tree species to be used as a forest product. A commercial activity does not include the cutting or removal of forest tree species by a person for his own personal use.” (emphasis added)

In the 1996 edition of the Idaho Forest Practices Act we find at IDAPA (b) 07. “Types of Operation for Which Notice Will Not Be Required…..(b) Noncommercial cutting and removal of forest tree species by a person for his own personal use.” (emphasis added)

The federal statue allowing the “free of charge” use of timber from federal lands for personal use has been part of the U.S. Code since 1905, The Idaho Forest Practices Act was added to the Idaho Code in 1975. If we were to “harmonize” state and federal laws, a stated goal of the Idaho Forest Practices Act, we would also allow the “free of charge” use of timber from state land by a person “for his own personal use”. Given the exemptions previously quoted, this seemed reasonable to me.

When the state demanded I pay for the logs because I neglected to get a permit or sign a contract, I agreed to pay if the state could show me a sample copy of the permit or contract they were referring to. They could not, because no such documents existed. Nor had there ever been an Idaho court case that litigated these facts, nor such a case in our neighboring states. So we went to court.

In hindsight, I believe the biggest issue was the political correctness of the whole thing. One view is that these trees were created by the Creator for man’s benefit, that such public trees belong to “We the People” and can be used by an individual for his own personal. The other view is that the government owns the trees and must regulate every aspect of their use.

Sixteen years later my detractors are delighted I created a public record of the whole affair. The controversy was settled when phantom words were added to the black and white written law so that the court could justify its ruling. This was a case of legislating from the bench to the benefit of the bureaucracy. Once again the jurisdiction of the bureaucracy encroaches further, and “We the People” backup for the umpteenth time.

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